Author: A Praxi

  • Children of the Proletariat

    Children of the Proletariat

    There is an ongoing, nation-wide, student protest in college campuses against the genocide and ethnic cleansing being carried out by the U.S. backed imperialist and settler-colonial outpost, Israel. Many college students and, to some limited extent, faculty members across the country are forming encampments in their own respective college campuses to withdraw from the educational…

  • The Fascist Mimicry of Anti-Imperialism

    The Fascist Mimicry of Anti-Imperialism

    A little more than a century ago the world’s superpower was the British Empire. Despite being a constitutional monarchy where the aristocracy and monarchy still retained significant power, the British Empire was arguably the birthplace of the industrial revolution and it played a significant role in spreading capitalism around the world through colonialism. From around…

  • Producerism: Socialism and Anti-Imperialism For Fools

    Producerism: Socialism and Anti-Imperialism For Fools

    There is an old saying, known among socialists, that antisemitism is socialism for fools. I think something similar can be said about producerism: Producerism is socialism for fools. But what exactly is producerism? It is not exactly a well-formulated and systematized theory or doctrine, but rather it is a vague and reactionary populist outlook of…