Author: Jonny Meade

  • The Spectre of Wokeness

    The Spectre of Wokeness

    A spectre is haunting America, the spectre of Wokeness. From Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Sisyphean struggle against Disney, to Philosopher & NATO court jester Slavoj Zizek proclaiming ‘Wokeness is Here to Stay’; All the powers of cultural production have gathered to exorcize the contagion known as the ‘Woke Mind Virus’. In his Compact Magazine piece,…

  • Toward a Real Dream of Proletarian Compatriotism

    Toward a Real Dream of Proletarian Compatriotism

    America is neither a dream, nor a reality but a hyper-reality. It is a hyper-reality because it is a utopia that behaves from the very beginning as though it were already achieved. Jean Baudrillard, America The working class finds itself, for better or worse, reexamining the issue of patriotism in organizing the American people. As…